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Jeanne McElvaney - Amazon Author and Energy Guide

If personal empowerment is your journey, you will find uncommon answers tucked into my stories and bubbling up in energy retreats and personal sessions.
Connecting to your resilient spirit and powerful inner wisdom will ignite change.
Then self awareness becomes self help and intuition gives wings to your courage.

"A master of language and feelings, Jeanne creates characters who quickly become friends. Her visual images make you feel like you're stepping into a movie."

~ Your spirit is the undiluted you ~
~ The real adventure is taking place deep inside ~

"Jeanne, your writing becomes addictive because it shows me the world from a totally different perspective, where every challenge is really the path to my personal empowerment."  Linda McClellan, Editor, Spirit Unbroken: Abby's Story

Personal Spirit

It is our inner wisdom woven into the threads of universal knowledge, pulled out of time,
and served with chocolate. It is the core of self empowerment, self awareness, and our potential. My books remind you to listen.

Intuition - the language of spirit.

Self help - letting our spirit guide us.

Choices - spirit expressed.

Courage - the resilient spirit of childhood sexual abuse.

Women and Empowerment - the kind that celebrates our spirit.

Life Purpose - embracing and sharing the best of ourselves.

Being Happy - the courage to honor our personal spirit.

Change Your Life - the ultimate power.

Personal Development - our stunning inner wisdom.

Self Improvement - the most daring journey.

Self Awareness - our inner compass.

Childhood Sexual Abuse - there are 40 million of us.

Survivors of Abuse - choices are our strongest ally.

Effects of Chld Abuse - our experience continues to drive our choices.

Abuse Recovery - embracing our truth can heal us.

Abuse Survivors - our personal spirit is strong.

Healing Abuse - information is power.


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