We are inclined to think of smiles as responses. They seem to bubble up when our five senses are tickled or emergy as a thought, feeling, or belief pleases us.

In creating changes using energy, we can call on our smiles. They can be flashlights in foggy moments.

Choose to smile at any time and think about the shift you are inviting in your life. Focus on the desire you are holding. You will see new possibilities that align with your smile.

Uncommon Treasures

In their healing quest, surivors of abuse are rewarded with uncommon treasures that are as valuable as any hero's bounty.

We are likely to find unknown talents, easy laughter, spontaneity, relaxation, relationships that celebrate our spirit, freedom to express, desire to explore, reunivenated health, ability to complete what we began. It's the everyday things that others take for granted that we lost in our challenge to build lives with deep wounds.

Weeds of Our Abuse


If you keep whacking at the leaves of an established weed, it might seem like you have taken care of it, but the root beneath the surface is getting stronger every day. And you can be sure the weed will rise again.

It will grow robustly in the right conditions... just like your anger when you feel powerless and abused once more.

Any Step Will Do

On the path we travel toward our dream, our resolve will be challenged. We will bump into resistance. Recognizing this is an energy we created to keep our world small and safe it the first step in keeping ourselves moving forward. Then we can encourage ourselves to take the next step.

Any action that celebrates our dream will do.