Body Language, Words, and Harmonizing Energy

Even in quiet conversations, we often miss the spirit whispers. The words are acknowledged. We pick up on the body language. But the energy harmonizing with this information isn’t heard.

Though we feel it in our bones and will respond to the energy field that is part of every interaction, we can’t consciously use the insights they bring unless we tune in… and believe our perceptions.

I think about this when our dog barks. She rarely talks to us with her voice, but I pay attention when she sits on our front porch and speaks up. On a busy street with cars, pedestrians, bikes, and occasional sirens, I am inclined to walk out and see what she has to show me. I stand in the energy around her and thank her for sharing. I might not see what has alerted her, but I can feel the change from normal.

I’m aware of energy connections when I’m on the phone. I don’t believe it is ever neutral. There is always a song of energy playing in the background of every conversation and I am empowered by knowing if I want to sing along… or simply allow the tune to be present… or… consciously increase the volume of my own melody while I’m on the phone. Sometimes my energy choice comes before I say “Hello” or dial a number. In those moments I know I’m best served by not interrupting the energy song flowing through me.

I think I’m most consciously aware of energy when I communicate with people from my past. I might take myself back into delightful, childhood energy when my friends and I recited the entire alphabet until we knew every letter and then tried repeating it backwards. I’ve also chosen to return to dark conversations that shaped my world. Re-feeling this energy helps me change the present.

Whether I revisit conversation energy from my past, slip into future possibilities, or become more aware in current experiences, I know energy is part of every conversation. It’s telling me as much as the words or the expressions of those involved because this communication is connected to personal spirit. 

Notes along the way... Jeanne McElvaney
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Inspired by Old Maggie’s Spirit Whispers and Time Slipping