What Will Healing Bring Me?

Stuffing our child abuse stories might become familiar over the years, but it requires mental vigilance that separates us from our inner wisdom. It’s builds our lives making sure we never step on any path that might lead us to the tender and scary places we carry within us. We don’t dare explore the unknown. We can’t allow new possibilities. And yet, those are the very paths connected to the core of who we are beyond our childhood abuse.

As an energy healer, Jeanne will take you on a journey that will feel like a personal treasure hunt. You will find your truth. Use your voice. Explore new choices. Reconnect to your authentic self.

Most adult survivors of child abuse are unaware of the long term effects of child abuse. They wonder what seeking answers will bring them.


These are some of the treasures they will find:

  • You will find personal gifts you didn’t know existed: like feeling so safe you can get lost in a movie or feel drawn to laughter-filled friendships.
  • You will deepen or renew your connection to your personal spirit, intuition, and inner wisdom.
  • Your natural talents and passions will blossom as you release beliefs that took root when you felt powerless and at risk.
  • Relationships will change as your wounds heal and you are no longer driven by the ways you learned to manage your child abuse.
  • Pockets of joy and unexpected possibilities will weave into self empowerment.
  • Old trauma responses will disappear or be significantly diminished; so you can wear clothes that fit or take a serene shower.
  • You will move from surviving to thriving, releasing patterns of behaviors, beliefs, and responses rooted in childhood trauma.
“As a survivor of childhood sexual abuse, I know the amazing difference between living well with bandaids on wounds and soaring when childhood pain is healed.” ~Jeanne

Emotions: They might feel like they will pull you into an ocean of turmoil, but your healing journey will only bring you what you are ready to experience. Energy work is soothing, empowering, and insightful.

Change: The shifts in your life will be nuggets along the path of healing. Your days will gently transform as new awareness alters your perspective. Shining a light into the shadows of your past creates a new foundation for building your future.

Relationships: Connections that celebrate and honor your spirit become deeper and richer. Others will fade away. As you feel empowered to stop your emotional pain, you choose new boundaries.  With inner child healing, you become your own best, loving friend. Jeanne’s often asked, “How do I know I’m a survivor of childhood abuse? ”

Many adult survivors avoid recovering from child abuse. They worry about bringing tidal waves of emotions. They are concerned about tornadoes of change. They are afraid of hurricane shifts in their relationships.


“I don’t believe in lists of symptoms, because every survivor develops coping mechanisms and deeply entrenched behaviors associated with their unique experience. They come from their trauma with very personal beliefs about themselves and how they fit into the world.” ~ Jeanne


  • I would explore the possibility of being an adult survivor of child abuse if I held strong beliefs about who I am and how I am that don’t fit what others tell me about myself i.e. “I’m lazy” when my friends, family, and coworkers rave about how hard I work.
  • I would wonder if I was experiencing the effects of child abuse if I had behaviors that I couldn’t imagine changing because that would make me feel deeply, profoundly vulnerable i.e. I give and give and give to others even though it’s affecting my health and gives me no time to do the things I’ve dreamed about.
  • I would take a look at possible long term effects of child abuse if changing my choices felt like ‘life for death’ i.e. rather than feeling like I had the opportunity to travel and see the world, I felt like I had to travel to feel safe or comfortable so there really wasn’t a choice.
  • Being an adult survivor of childhood sexual abuse is likely if I have extreme responses to things that affect my five senses i.e. mayonnaise makes me gag or the smell of vinyl makes me feel panicky.
  • I’d recognize it’s a clue that I’m a survivor if certain events or circumstances felt overwhelming for no apparent reason i.e. autumn sweeps me into depression or reruns of the Brady Bunch made me feel desperately alone.
  • I’d consider the possibility of childhood abuse if any person from my past made me feel powerless, if I avoided their touch, or didn’t want contact and I didn’t understand why or thought I was a bad person i.e. dreading a family Christmas whenever “Uncle Bill” was coming.
  • I would consider looking into recovering from child abuse if I was tearful or fearful for no apparent reason i.e. everything and everyone around me is all that I could want, and I am feeling emotions I don’t understand.
  • I would know it was possible that I was a sexual abuse survivor if I was having physical sensations, flashes of images, or ‘weird’ emotional responses that seemed to come out of the blue.
“Healing isn’t about digging into the dirt of our lives. It’s weeding our gardens of joyful, peaceful possibilities so we can thrive.” ~ Jeanne

Survivors of Abuse Making Changes with Energy Insights

Changing Your Story •¸.•• The story you are telling others and yourself has a dramatic impact on your future. Energetically, it is creating your future! And yet, all of us are deeply attached to our story. This happens because the seeds for what we are telling ourselves and others were planted in a time of high emotion and trauma. That emotional energy is thick, intense, and deeply attached to our identity. When I’m working with you, I’ll help you change your story. We’ll find elements of truth that you want to feed into the future. You’ll learn how to drop the parts of your story you no longer want to bring into your life. Changing your story is a powerful way to heal.

Talking Forward •¸.•• When we are seeing new possibilities, we have a lifetime of experiences to draw from and, often, survivors instinctively remember their wounds rather than their moments of personal power. In this energy experience, you will identify what you want in their future. Then you will feel yourself taking steps into a new reality each time you remember something you have done or experienced in the past that confirms you can have what you want. This energy shift is both apparent and joyfully empowering.

Acting As If •¸.•• John Bradshaw coined this phrase, and I use it to describe making conscious new choices to create different energetic patterns. As survivors, we learned how to take care of ourselves by reacting to our abusers and the dysfunction around us. Healing our wounds asks us to take action, rather than react. Working together, we will create do-able, empowering, new choices. Then, like learning how to ride a bike, you get to practice new reality.

Magical Child •¸.•• Your inner children are especially powerful in your healing journey; they hold information that can create a healing pathway of discovery, change, and release. Your Magical Child is that child within that kept the glow of your personal spirit no matter what was happening. This is the source for rediscovering your authentic energy patterns. When I’m working with you, we go to this inner child to learn who you are beyond the ways you managed your abuse.

Memory Release •¸.•• Whether we have dissociated your abuse or remember it, going back to the root of your current challenges and pain is an amazing, immediately transforming step in healing. In each traumatic moment, you were disempowered. You also learned something about yourself and how you fit into the world. Using energy insights and going back to the memory gives you the opportunity to know exactly how you felt disempowered and what you learned about yourself and how you fit in the world. Then we update the information. Your adult self can’t figure this out using logic and conversation because it happened from the perspective of trauma and dysfunction at another age. With that energy insights, you are tapping into 95% of information not consciously available.

You can Heal


If you ever feel you want a strong, caring guide who knows the landscape of childhood sexual abuse, I would be glad to walk beside you. I am not a therapist, but I can help you in making changes using energy insights.


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