Jeanne’s books will grab your heart´*.¸.•´♥ and take you away.

The novels will shine a light on self empowerment, choices, and the potential to change your life.

Every reader will arrive at their own destination with her insightful guides.



Ignite Using Changes Energy

Old Change vs. Quantum Change ~ If you’re like me, you’ve spent considerable time trying to bring about changes in your life using the same old strategies. Maybe you’ve pushed forward using determination. You might have wondered why you didn’t...

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Time Slipping

Elizabeth dreamed of slipping away for a short retreat so she could get to know who she was beyond her routines, relationships, and responsibilities. Then she dared to do it. She couldn’t know her desire for solitude would be cracked open by a mysterious muse, two...

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Old Maggie’s Spirit Whispers

Lyrical and nostalgic, this novel gives you the simplicity, trust, and connections to ignite your own spirit insights. It’s like riding your bike on a sweet summer day, exploring all the familiar places – knowing the real adventure is taking place deep...

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Spirit Unbroken: Abby’s Story

Not knowing the secrets held in the deep corners of her mind, Abby creates normal out of chaos. She doesn’t understand what is driving her choices, but she will take you to the joy and nostalgia of childhood in the 1950’s. She will grab your heart and turn your world...

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Personal Development Insights

Energy is beautifully, wondrously exciting. It has intelligence. It communicates. At the quantum level of life, everything is vibrating waves of energy. We are energy. Our thoughts, beliefs, and emotions are energy. We live in an ocean of energy where there is no...

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Childhood Abuse

There are many reasons to acknowledge the long-term effects of our childhood abuse and heal the wounds we still carry: To stop repeating patterns of behavior that don’t serve us. To feel empowered to make choices that honor our spirit. To strongly connect with...

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Healing Insights

This book is like a flashlight shining into the shadows that followed us out of our abuse. It reveals new possibilities. It invites us to shape our future with our dreams so we are no longer driven by responses we learned in our childhood experience. Information...

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Harrietta’s Happenstance

  Miss Harrietta Eastmont has a secret, but it pales in comparison to the fear of her uncle discovering her whereabouts as she rings Lady Blackstone’s doorbell and prepares her deception. It took great courage to leave what little security she knew, but Harrietta...

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