Talking to Energy's blog

Any Step Will Do

On the path we travel toward our dream, our resolve will be challenged. We will bump into resistance. Recognizing this is an energy we created to keep our world small and safe it the first step in keeping ourselves moving forward. Then we can encourage ourselves to take the next step.

Any action that celebrates our dream will do.

All of Our Feelings

Our emotions are energy. Every one of them flows through us at all times, ready to give us information about what we are experiencing.

Rather than seeking only "good" feelings, we are served by making friends with all our feelings.
They guide us.
Empower our choices.
Give us insights.


"The Next"

"We each let go of what we thought we never could and experienced 'the next' in ways few might imagine possible." Barry

By its very nature, every is constantly talking to you. It has the information you need to connect deeply and delightfully with your most authentic self.