personal-development-insightsEnergy is beautifully, wondrously exciting. It has intelligence. It communicates. At the quantum level of life, everything is vibrating waves of energy. We are energy. Our thoughts, beliefs, and emotions are energy. We live in an ocean of energy where there is no difference between past, present, and future. This self help guide explores your potential, choices, and self empowerment in this force field.

  • Energy holds your possibilities and self empowerment in patterns of intelligence.
  • Self awareness can take you to these shimmering fields so you can transform you life with new
  • With intuition, energy conversations, and courage, we can make changes in your life.

This self help guide is dedicated to everyone who wants practical, everyday ways to use the power of quantum energy.

“If someone reads a book by Jeanne McElvaney, they are going to be reading about personal spirit, empowerment, growth, and possibilities. They’ll find themselves looking through a new window on the world.” EL

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Energy Leaks in Relationships

There are many ways to travel down the river of life. Imagine riding in a boat made from the energy you have gathered from your experiences and relationships. Then paint it with the energy you are creating with your beliefs, feelings, and thoughts.

Seeing its shape, color, and size will reveal your inner world.

Noticing the construction of your energy boat can give you insight.

Many of us have traveled the river of life in boats with holes; we attach ourselves to other vessels to keep ourselves afloat. That connection makes us feel safer, but we were still taking on water, slowly sinking, unable to catch the current that would take us to our potential.

These holes are the energy leaks in our relationships.

They happen when we turn ourselves inside-out trying to make someone happy. They become apparent when we believe we can pour enough time and love into another person’s life to change their direction. Any time we try to give away pieces of ourselves to enrich a relationship, we are creating a crack in our energy boat.

We give the best of ourselves when we use our energy to build a sturdy boat that celebrates our personal spirit.

Then we can ride the rapids and slip through the waves of life’s waters, sharing the wake of possibilities we create.