Words Are Energy We Share

You could say each of us stands in the eye of the energy storm we create by what we believe about ourselves. Every thought that we accept, embrace, and nurture about who we are and how we fit into the world becomes the gathering force swirling around us. Like a tornado, it leaves a path of change behind as we move across the landscape of our days.

The energy field we create for ourselves is what we leave with others. Though we may think ourselves small, sometimes slipping around the edges of life, we are never neutral. All energy is merging and commingling by its very nature. The words we use not only shape our experience, but everyone who sees or hears them. Remembering that can empower us to change our lives.

It’s often easier to celebrate and encourage others with words. We would never say, “I hope your car troubles turn into a series of awful events,” when talking to someone else. But we might easily turn to a friend and say, “Here I go again, more car trouble, more bills, more hassles.” Or we might use humor and say, “My car spends more time with the mechanic than me.”

When we forget our energy is fusing with all the energy around us, we assume these statements simply reflect our circumstance in the moment. But like pollen scattering in a spring breeze, the energy of these comments spreads in all directions. Knowing our self-talk is affecting others, whether it is silent or spoken, can help us learn how to encourage and celebrate ourselves as we would them.

Remembering everything is energy reminds us that what we give ourselves is what we are giving others. In this, we are encouraged to use words that will nurture ourselves.

Notes along the way… Jeanne McElvaney
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Inspired by Old Maggie’s Spirit Whispers and Time Slipping