I am here to empower your journey to do the things you want to do. To explore, dream, and discover.

Look at your problems and challenges from different perspective. My books about igniting change and healing with energy can feel a bit mystical and magical. My childhood sexual abuse books are insightful and encouraging. My journals for writing offer a very new kind of journey to empower your life. 


noskill1343Novels for Women 

Refreshingly different, these five books invite you to journey with women who are exploring their possibilities and challenging beliefs that no longer serve them: “Light in the Shadows”, “Beyond the Obvious”, “Spirit Unbroken”, “Time Slipping”, “Old Maggie’s Spirit Whispers”.


noskill1343Empowering Books

Journey with a book that will shine a light on self empowerment, choices, and the potential to change your life using energy or  heal from childhood sexual abuse: “Ignite Changes Using Energy”, “Personal Development Insights”, “Healing Insights”, “Childhood Abuse”.


noskill1343Journal Writing

This collection of ever-growing journals will activate your personal path. They are designed to help you remember what empowers you. Recall what has shaped your choices. Listen to your inner wisdom. Explore your possibilities. Connect you to your personal truth. Journey with your personal spirit.

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Jeanne McElvaney
Author ~ Energy Healer

“I can’t say enough about Jeanne and the mind-tweaking doors she can open.” LM

“You have made such an amazing, positive difference in my life.” Haley

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