I am here to empower your journey to do the things you want to do. To explore, dream, and discover.

Hard work, determination, and best intentions don’t take us to the changes we want. I’ve tried that. Haven’t you? On this website, I’m offering a very different kind of journey. It can feel a bit mystical and magical. It’s sure to be encouraging and empowering.


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“I can now see my talents, gifts, and character strengths with sudden clarity – and appreciation!” MD

“I wanted you to know that the energy work was the beginning of my personal growth and has nudged me to go to a deeper level yet.” PD


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Nora never imaged she’d seek answers from energy detectives until a dream kidnapped her comfortable days.

Based on the belief that we all have mysteries in our lives, this story introduces readers to the power and joy of getting a new perspective using energy. My editor calls it “refreshingly different”.

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Jeanne McElvaney
Author ~ Energy Guide

“I can’t say enough about Jeanne and the mind-tweaking doors she can open.” LM

“You have made such an amazing, positive difference in my life.” Haley

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