Untitled designLight in the Shadows

 Energy Journals

What makes these journals wonderful!

* 100 page personal journal with colored interior.
* 98 lined pages with a background that reflects the cover.
* Page One: Insights and prompts.
* 6” x 9”
* Matte Cover

* Companion to two energy novels (Light in the Shadows and Beyond the Obvious)
* Companion to a self help book (Ignite Changes Using Energy)

“Jeanne has an uncanny ability to help people see more clearly what is happening to them.” ~ SK

““Wow – energy insights really do propel you forward from the inside-out. How remarkable.” MD

 The following journals are available on Amazon for $9.59
A great investment in your personal journey.
A nicely priced, very personal gift for others.



Make Life Better: A Lined Positive Energy Journal

Energy Healing for Trauma, Stress: An Empowerment Workbook

Positive Energy Journal: Daily Self Help Insights

Love Your Life: Happiness Self Help Journal

Change by Design Journal: An Intentional Life Workbook

Positive Change: A Metaphysical Self Help Journal

Improving Confidence Journal: An Energy Book for Women

Reaching Goals: A Journal for Change

Activate Your life: The Power of Positive Energy

A Positive Energy Book: Your Self Help Improvement Journal

Play More: The Power of Play Energy Journal

Self Belief Journal: A Positive Change Guide

Money for Women: Positive Thoughts Journal

Intentional Life Journal: A Metaphysical Notebook

Making a Change Journal: Self Help Habits

Manifest Your Reality: A Possibilities Journal

Healing Journal Notebook: My Personal Journey

Shifting Realities Journal: Navigating Change

Authentic Self Journal: Releasing Limitations with Your Magical Child

Abundance Journal: Overcoming Self-Doubt

Manifest Dreams: Serendipity Journal

Manifesting Abundance Journal: A Notebook for Writing Goals

A Journal for Change: The Power of Imagination

Self Care Reflection Journal: How to Relax Using Energy

Personal Improvement: Authentic Self Workbook

Reality Shifting Journal: A Personal Exploration

Change Life: Imaginative Thinking

Transform Yourself: A Positive Energy Journal

Visualization Workbook: Possibilities Journal

Increase Happiness: Emotional Freedom Journal

Transformational Journey: A Self Help Motivation Journal

Create Reality Journal: Feminine Energy Guide

Authentic Self Journal: Unlock Your Full Potential

Change My Life Journal: Encouraging Thoughts

A Different Perspective: Personal Energy Journal

Positive State of Mind Journal: A Self Help Guide

Make a Change: An Energy Focus Journal

Powerful Messages: Beautifully Insightful Energy

Quantum Manifestation: Energy Shift Journal

Push the Limits: Emotional Awareness Journal

Transform Energy: An Inspirational Diary

Manifesting Goals: Visual Journaling Book

Change Life Using Energy: Activate a Different Perspective

Manifestation Journal: The Power of Emotions and Feelings

My Truth: Empowerment Journal for Women

Uncover Your Hidden Self: Visual Images Energy Journal

Journal for Change: The Power of Imagination

Create Your Own Reality: Self Reflection Prompt Journal

Find Your Path: Journal Joy

Light in the Shadows”
Five energy detectives uncover answers and enrich lives.
“Refreshingly different. A feeling engulfs you and you just want to keep reading.” ME

“Beyond the Obvious”
Stepping outside familiar perspectives to be empowered.
“You feed my soul and encourage me to be bold.” DH

Ignite Changes Using Energy” 
A guide for using the power of energy insights in your every day life.
It takes me away. I feel peace and opportunity.” LM