Untitled designLight in the Shadows

 Communicate With the Energy Field


These interactive energy experiences will tap into the infinite information held in the invisible quantum energy field.

New perspectives thrive here.

Solutions can be found for personal mysteries and life challenges.

Usually, the ‘energy conversations’ feel like play.

Sometimes they take unexpected turns.

They always intrigue and pull us into a dimension often left unexplored.

Jeanne McElvaney ~ Energy Guide and Author

“Jeanne has an uncanny ability to help people see more clearly what is happening to them.” ~ SK

““Wow – energy insights really do propel you forward from the inside-out. How remarkable.” MD

  Is one of the following energy sessions a perfect fit for you?

Intuitive Energy Readings ~ Hear a different perspective that is gentle, encouraging, and empowering. This is perfect for exploring a series of current questions you have about your life.

30 minutes / $45     or    60 minutes / $75

Personal Energy Session ~ Experience gentle relaxation that takes you beyond your inner chatter, long-held beliefs, and childhood feelings that are still driving your choices and reactions. You go to your inner wisdom and connect to the power of your personal truth. This is perfect for issues that have followed you through life or have suddenly appeared and make you feel out of balance.

90 minutes / $100

Energy Detectives ~ Witness the dynamics around any questions you bring. You will watch four Energy Guides tap into the infinite wisdom of the energy field to give you profound insights that go beyond conversation and logic. You will then witness possible solutions. This is perfect if you want a more relaxed, playful experience in finding nurturing answers.

60 minutes / $110

Energy Insights Workshop ~ Learn how to tap into the infinite information held in the quantum energy field. In this playful, interactive small group, you will connect to your intuitive wisdom. Learn how to ignite shifts in your reality. Experience new perspectives. Connect to your life purpose. Explore the power of your story. This is perfect if you want to learn how to work with energy.

1-day / $175

Ignite Changes Retreat ~ Journey with three others as each of you find uncommon, life-changing energy insights. Using the infinite wisdom of the energy field, you will spend two days exploring what is holding you back and what can take you forward. This is perfect if you are truly ready to embrace a future that will honor your spirit and life purpose.

2-day, overnight retreat / $200 + shared lodging and food
*This is a 3-person adventure, and I will work with each group to meet their needs for a Chelan retreat.

Contact me 

When you’re ready for a new, encouraging perspective.

When you want to ignite change.

I can add your name to my list of people interested in being notified about upcoming workshops and retreats. Or I can schedule an appointment for an Intuitive Reading or Personal Session. Or I can gather the Energy Detectives for a session at Spirals in Lake Chelan:   jeanne@gotospirit.com

Light in the Shadows”
Five energy detectives uncover answers and enrich lives.
“Refreshingly different. A feeling engulfs you and you just want to keep reading.”ME

“Beyond the Obvious”
Stepping outside familiar perspectives to be empowered.
“You feed my soul and encourage me to be bold.” DH

Ignite Changes Using Energy” 
A guide for using the power of energy insights in your every day life.
It takes me away. I feel peace and opportunity.” LM