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A Saturday series that explores the practical, the magical, and the energy insights for igniting changes ~

Those friends you call for a cup of coffee when life is changing are the heart beat of your experience. They are fluffy, white clouds on a glorious summer day so you can bask in what’s wonderful. They are warm, cozy quilts in challenging times. May’s friend, Tricia, was her coffee and conversation companion. They shared everything. And she was close by when May called to see if she had time to meet at their favorite place.

Walking to Cookie’s Corner from The MAKER Space, the piles of plowed snow filled May with playful, childhood joy. The winter sun celebrated her choice to take the collage class. The riot of aromas as she opened the door to the pastry shop, made her smile.

Taking that first step, the big one that dares you to do more than you thought possible, connects you directly to the shine in your world. It’s always there. But, when you take that step, you can see it because you are looking through a lens of possibilities.

Hugs and smiles, coffee and a shared chocolate-dipped coconut macaroon waited for May at Tricia’s table. She was barely seated when she blurted out her wonderful news. Together, the friends nibbled on their cookie and sipped their coffee while they explored what May had done. Like all deep relationships, they traveled into familiar thoughts, feelings, and beliefs, taking this fresh idea with them.

Shared attitudes, repeated comments, and well-used examples are a staple of intimacy. They are as steady as the surf. May waded into them unaware of the way the conversation was dulling the shine she’d found. Sitting with Tricia, she didn’t recognize that they were both wrapping strong, established energy patterns around the shift she’d created by signing up for the class.

It wasn’t until later, walking home, May realized the shift she’d initiated needed a different kind conversation. Her new choice needed discussion that poked holes in her usual thoughts, feelings, and beliefs so it could soar forward. Still snuggling into the comfort of her friendship with Tricia, May turned around and headed back to The MAKER Space. Maybe the three women were still there. And they promised a different kind of conversation because they were traveling a path that was new to May.

Next time: The power of our story to ignite change

┬áJeanne – Events Coordinator of Unwind+Explore