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You get to be happy. You get to thrive. And when you allow this possibility, you begin connecting to what makes your life shine.

All of us have had events in our past that instinctively guided us to managing our lives. We stumbled in P.E. and the laughter of our classmates started a lifetime of holding our bodies closerather than leaping with exuberance. We were verbally abused in our home, and began taking care of ourselves by staying small.

What served us when we felt powerless becomes a fence around what we believe is possible. Being happy, thriving, and allowing the shine in our life becomes our own Cinderella story. Others can go to the ball, but how can we make that our experience?

Action! Any action.

For May, the breakthrough happened in her second guest bedroom. When she walked in with her vacuum and determination to create a place for her collage work, she could only imagine fitting her folding table into the corner. And truly, this was daring! After all, she was about to introduce a deep, still-tender dream into her everyday world where others could see it. That’s always a big step. It’s Cinderella showing up at the ball full of hope.

Placing the folding table in the corner was throwing down the gauntlet, declaring her quest to be in the happy of creativity. It was facing an unknown wound that insisted May creativity stay hidden to feel safe. On an every day kind of Wednesday morning, May faced her fear. As she dusted cobwebs out of the corner, she felt inspired to paint the room. Her wound urged her to quash the thought, but she chose to charge forward.

Leaving the room in a mess, May drove to the paint store and wallowed in the wonderful array of color-samples. Holding a gentle, pale sherbet, she saw the seldom used bed moved into the garage. With a lovely, yellow sample, she saw the dresser repainted to hold her supplies.

Any action is perfect. Small steps are powerful. And one thing leads to another because the shine we seek is urging us to go beyond the ways we have learned to manage our life.

Check in every Saturday to follow May as she explores the practical, the magical,
and the energy insights for finding the shine in her life ~

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Jeanne McElvaney
Author of “Ignite Changes Using Energy”
Events Coordinator of Unwind+Explore