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It’s oh-so-common and very understandable that most of us hesitate to sail into new waters. We want change as long as it doesn’t change our lives.

Quantum Thinking assures us we get to tweak our energy shift each step of the way. It can be a gentle experience, more like building a sand castle on the beach than catching a rushing wave on a surf board. We get to improve it with joyful imagination and see what works as we go along.

Change is a beautiful energy! It doesn’t ask us to give up the pieces of our lives we aren’t ready to release. It’s choosing to transform what no longer serves us. It acknowledges our biological inclination to expand.

If you place a toddler in a small, safe

Allowing change asks us to stop respond yard with an abundance of lovely toys, she will explore with enthusiasm in effortless play. Then she becomes intrigued by what is beyond her current choices even while continuing to hold her teddy bear. She instinctively wants personal growth. Like her, we have a deep, inner need to expand our experience. The challenge is allowing it to in the usual way. When our old beliefs, feelings, and thoughts become ‘backseat drivers’ as we steer ourselves toward something new, they create chaos in the energy field. Mixed messages are sent forward, and we only stick one toe into the water of change. It’s much like saying, “Yes, I want to go swimming” while shaking your head no and sitting down.

Allowing is on the other side of fear. Recognizing this is a first step. Then you can counter your inner chatter; yes, you are scared and you can still open your life to new wonder. Challenge your fear by visualizing yourself leaving your own play pen with teddy bear in hand.

In spite of your fears, seek change that awakens the magic in you. You have everything you need to make the change you want in your life. Your energy ‘backpack’ holds untapped talents for learning curves, courage to forge new connections, and experiences to navigate uncharted territories.

From “Ignite Changes Using Energy”

Jeanne McElvaney, Author and Energy Healer