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Our beliefs shape our experience. If we can let go of what we know, we’ll put ourselves on a path with new possibilities. Life changes when we remember the reality held within the jar is just one possible reality. The other jars hold vortexes of things unknown and inviting. (JeanneQuotes on Etsy)

Your Truth

No truth is more valid than your own. When you’re ready to let your personal truth guide you, your choices start celebrating your personal spirit. Your life changes! I like to think the fairy with this quote, is bathing in the light of her own truth. (JeanneQuotes on Etsy)

Finding Answers

It takes a certain kind of courage to trust you are having the experiences you need to honor your spirit. Sometimes, looking back can confirm how this has worked for you. Other times, relaxing into what’s not yet known will take you to what you’re craving to know. (JeanneQuotes on Etsy ~ canvas art or print-at-home or text card)

Your Truth

Your truth is like a North Star. When you let it guide your choices, you can be sure your path will feel authentic.  (JeanneQuotes on Etsy)
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