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Bold Vulneralbe Mohammed_Hassen WebsiteOld Thinking has us believing we do best when we navigate the stream of life with a paddle and a plan. Quantum Thinking encourages us to release control, so we can respond to the flow of possibilities.

When we think of change, our fears bubble up. We think about what we’ll lose and what we don’t want to do. We’re afraid we don’t have what it will take. Often, our desire feels selfish, and we’re sure we’ll hurt people who are close to us. Quantum Thinking reminds us we will only experience these fears when they remain our primary focus. If, instead, we trust the process, we’ll be part of a flexible, responsive energy flow that adjusts until we no longer feel vulnerable.

In the uncertainties of change, we are more able to feel steady if we realize we don’t have to have all the answers before stepping forward. Our task isn’t figuring out how. It’s staying clearly focused on the shift we want so the energy field can respond. With energy, the answers are found in the journey.

Practicing your new future helps you feel stronger and reinforces your desire. We can’t be our usual self and be in a quantum shift at the same time. Start changing what you wear, so you can see your future-self. Spend an hour every day doing the very thing you want to experience in your someday. Rearrange your home in a way that makes your future visible. Practice is a fun way to empower your change. It also moves your emotions and thoughts, altering the energy pattern you are sending into the energy field to create your new reality.

When you feel vulnerable, you can be sure you are allowing something new in your life. Boldly embrace this companion of change. It will help you release the need to control a journey that is empowered by open-minded flow.

From “Ignite Changes Using Energy” by Jeanne McElvaney