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It is our instinct to experience life in a way that supports what we believe to be true. If I believe retail clerks are unfriendly and ineffective, my choices, actions, and responses will support that reality. On the other hand, if it is my belief that clerks are friendly, I will consistently have experiences with clerks that will support my truth.

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Having our personal truths validated comforts us. Our days fall into a rhythm that is familiar. We know the rules. We invite opportunities and experiences into our lives by what we believe is true. When we change our truth, we change what happens and how we feel about the events of our life.

By recognizing this, we have an opportunity to step back and see which of our truths are moving us in the direction we want to go and which are creating life cycles that no longer serve us. Then we are ready to replace old truths with daydreams.

Studies on brain activity during daydreams have made it clear that our brain believes our daydreams to be true. There is no distinction between starting a new job and having a detailed daydream about starting a new job.

Actively invite daydreams to support changes in your life. Create solid mental pictures of your possibilities.

Fantasize about every detail of what you want in your life and how you want to feel. Practice feeling that way for a moment. Imagine your response.

Focus on different aspects of your deepest dreams. Let these thoughts come, feel them, see them, imagine them. There is no magic to any one way of seeing or doing… this is uniquely yours to create.

When thoughts outside your fantasy come to protect you from such silliness, let them come and go. Encourage them to float away like clouds. Talk to them like a friend who is trying to protect you from changing your reality; let them know you are safe to imagine new possibilities.

In daydreaming, you don’t have to create plans or know how to get where you’re going. Your mind will see this as reality and new responses will follow.

So daydream. Daydream with your heart, soul, emotions, imagination, and courage.