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flowers-45786It’s a challenge to simply sit. So much easier to check emails, call a friend, or get going on this day’s plans.

Life has taught me that if I’m not doing something… I’m doing nothing. Experience keeps challenging that old belief.

When I wake up for the 4:00 a.m. bewitching hour and stay in bed, a stream of inspired ideas start flowing. If I relax into an unexpected 5-minute wait on the phone, a different perspective on a current challenge bubbles up. When I sit among the bees and blossoms in my back yard with nothing but a cup of coffee, I see connections that will empower my intentions.

I know in my everyday, going-about-my-business, making-things-happen, I wouldn’t notice the very insights that nurture me.

I’ve found that doing nothing brings still another gift. It sheds light on what I am feeling… under the layers of my usual state of mind. These are the deeper feelings, the internal road signs that are connected to my personal spirit. Doesn’t it make sense to slow down, so I can see the smaller signs with messages from my inner world? I’m convinced these usually unnoticed markers show me the shortcuts to where I want to go.

Our spirit whispers are the best guides. And they are found in the very personal, quiet moments when we are doing nothing.

Jeanne McElvaney, author or “Old Maggie’s Spirit Whispers”