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Walking the beach with her dog, May collected pieces of glass, feeling as sharp-edged as the broken bottles that had washed up on the sand. Restlessness had crept into the core of her being. Dissatisfaction was hovering. Doubts, as familiar as her favorite pair of jeans, kept nudging. And it didn’t make any sense! All the layers of her life were feeling good. She liked the new direction she had set in motion.

With Zoe running ahead and sniffing with her tail wagging, May tried to figure out what had caused the change in her mood.

It’s natural for us to try to find the problem, to point our finger at some experience or someone. Then it feels like we can do something. Taking action soothes us.

It’s more challenging, but much more joyous to recognize these vague, crawly feelings mean we are in a shift. Because we are feeling good on our current path’, our personal spirit calls on us to seek still more shine in our life. Another deep dream is breaking loose and the energy field around us is responding. It no longer flows like a gentle breeze. It’s swirls as it gathers the elements that will feed our desire.

In this very moment, we are giving birth to a new reality. We’re in change. No wonder we’re uncomfortable! Even though it’s what we’ve been wanting!

We can nurture our budding new reality by doing anything that inspires us. In that way we celebrate and activate manifesting energy. As we travel any road that is connected to our personal spirit, we can be sure we are moving toward the wonderful that is making us feel out of sync. The road we choose to explore will intersect with the shift we’re experiencing.

Let the mystery of your journey unfold. Pay attention to serendipity. Breathe deeply and let insights flow. Change is about to become an opportunity you’ve been wanting.

Check in every Saturday to follow May as she explores the practical, the magical,
and the energy insights for finding the shine in her life ~

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Jeanne McElvaney
Author of “Ignite Changes Using Energy”
Events Coordinator of Unwind+Explore