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The new year was moving forward with time wrapped around her ankles. She was caught in what was familiar, but no longer satisfying. Others would look at her and exclaim, “Look what you’ve done! Look at what you do!” They would point out the good and wonderful she had woven into her life. And she tried to be buoyed by their observations, but a deep craving persisted. It whispered there was more.

May wanted to blame the month of January, but she knew it wasn’t the time of year pulling her into discontent. It wasn’t the short days. Or post-holiday lethargy. Or her period or menopause! Something was stirring inside, urging her to find the shine in her life.

Yet, the disturbing stirring didn’t guide her. It didn’t tell her what to seek or show her the path. Instead, it was a pacing lioness keeping her dissatisfied and aware of a needed shift.

This morning, with a cup of coffee in her battered, beloved, purple thermos, May grabbed time and wrapped time around her like a crone’s cape. She turned off her cell phone. She sat with her feet under her dog and looked at the self-help books, oracle cards, singing bowl, and empty notebook on the table beside her.

With determination, this woman of courage invited her stirring to join her. No more pushing away. Or ignoring. Or creating busy days to avoid. Placing the crystal bowl on the coffee table in front of her, May picked up the wand and let it sing to her. She knew there were many ways to seek answers by letting her thoughts get lost in movement: walking, dancing to her favorite rock n’ roll, yoga, even vacuuming.

Today, May’s crystal bowl felt right. Her hand moved seamlessly around the rim of the third chakra bowl. Silently, she asked what the stirring was trying to tell her. She asked what she needed to know to step into the shine that was calling her.

Inner chatter slipped away as sound filled the room and swam through her body. In the space between movement and conscious invitation, May listened for messages. She knew this was the infinite moment when thought, logic, and beliefs gave way to a source of personal power and transformation. Her task was to let go and flow.

The answer came, words clearly written in the distance beyond the walls of her living room. Time to express personal power.

May wanted to scramble away from her insight. Familiar feelings screamed she wasn’t ready and didn’t know enough. But she stayed steady. She continued playing the bowl and stared into the distance. This time, she faced her fears and silently asked how to start.

The answer came before her question was fully expressed: learn something new. Explore your potential by doing something that will tap into unused talents, desires, and abilities. Know this new path will take you toward your life purpose where personal power makes your world shine.

Setting the wand aside and sipping her coffee, May wondered what the new thing could be? She pet Zoe. Soothed and fully present in the moment, she knew the ‘what’ didn’t matter. It was the journey that would transform her restless discontent. The first step was a small step: let serendipity guide her.

Next time: May knows it is one thing to seek answers and quite another thing to take action.

Jeanne McElvaney
Author of “Ignite Changes Using Energy”
Events Coordinator of Unwind+Explore
Energy Healer
Energy Readings