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Woven through every day, tight and strong, is our thread of giving. As mothers, wives, sisters, daughters, friends, citizens, employees, and employers, we guide our choices by that thread. Although we each create a tapestry of life unique in color and texture, the pattern we share is our profound capacity to give.

Our challenge is recognizing we are able to give most freely when we take care of ourselves. We are instinctively aware of what others expect of us and our life. It’s more challenging to know ourselves, our dreams, or our needs, in trying to please others.

Giving, to hold relationships together, to prevent changes in our comfortable routines, or to manage the lives of those we love, will inevitably wear us out. That’s when we start fading. When we feel wrinkled and worn. It tells us we’re ready to recognize there’s another source of giving. It comes from the place inside us that knows our possibilities.

Birth brings us natural gifts. Our life brings us experiences. These blend together to create our unique selves. In this special combination, our interests and passions are born. One of us will be transformed in stitches made across colors on a quilt. Another will know herself most profoundly when biking along the bumpy paths of a mountain trail.

These are moments of personal power. In experiencing passion, each person creates a joyous energy that can be generously given without feeling tired, over-extended, or used up.

By following our dreams, rather than what is expected of us, we let loose the best in ourselves and invite the same in those around us.

By finding the courage to express our unique selves, we discover intimacy with others.

By setting new goals, we acknowledge each life experience is bringing us closer to knowing ourselves, preparing us for what comes after, creating new dreams from what we are learning.

In these moments we can look inside to identify, embrace, and respond to our personal truths. Like a leaf floating on the waters of a stream, we’re certain to encounter strong currents of “shoulds”, upsetting white waters of expectations, and disconcerting ripples of guilt that make us feel uncertain. We’re sure to be invited to float away on the truths of others, but giving from the best of ourselves asks us to swim toward our own truth.

Our authentic power is found in our truth. Whether it’s taking time to do something just for ourselves or standing back to take a new look at situations that are no longer working, we are tapping into that place inside ourselves that is rich, good, and caring. And this is the place that shows us our to give what is so very good about ourselves.

Jeanne McElvaney, Author ~ Energy Healer