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Like all feelings, guilt is an energy that can help us grow. The first step is recognizing it took root when we made choices, took action, or reacted while feeling disempowered. Then it grew like ivy, attaching itself to our life in ways that continues making us feel diminished, even hollow.

Guilt isn’t the child of logic or reason, easily dislodged with information. Like all emotions, it settles into our body and influences what we believe about ourselves. What we think we deserve. How we let others treat us.

This feeling waits in the corner of nearly every experience. Like ivy, we tend to let it keep growing until it feels like it’s strangling us because the alternative, realizing we were guided by emotional wounds rather than our inner wisdom, calls for change.

Energy insights can gently open that door to change.

Guilt is a guide. It points out the weak energy patterns in our life. If we feel guilty because we let someone down, it can be an opportunity to look for what feels fragile in our life. We might find it’s about communicating our needs or feeling safe to be vulnerable. If we feel guilty because we kept the extra change rather than giving it back to the clerk, guilt might be showing us that we are believing in scarcity rather than seeking abundance. If we don’t respect a parent the way we feel we should, guilt can be asking us to explore our beliefs and claim our truth.

In every circumstance, guilt is not a condemnation. It is an energy that makes us feel uncomfortable, so that we will take a look at something in our life that is not a good fit for our personal spirit. It’s a red flag that we are letting old wounds guide us when we would be better served trusting our inner wisdom.

Jeanne McElvaney ~ Author and Energy Guide

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