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personal truth Adryanah WebsiteMy life became more clear when I realized there is more than one truth. In that moment, I released that travel was not connected to my inner needs, passions, desires, delight, curiosity. I had relied on a universal truth that this was the kind of thing that would bring me joy.

But sitting in the sweet dining room of a bed-and-breakfast, I knew with stunning clarity there was a dozen different ways I would have spent my time, money, and energy if I truly wanted to be filled with wonder, laughter, amazement, and deeply felt beauty.

In the company of a lace table cloth, a delightful scone, and rich cup of tea, a soft inner voice introduced me to my personal truth… the guide that could lead me to experiences that would fill my mind~body~spirit.

Since that moment of insight, when I have listened and responded to my truth, I have been given what I need to feel my rich possibilities. Life smiles when I remember my personal truth in a world with as many truths as there are leaves on trees.

Jeanne McElvaney, Author and Energy Healer