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Website BotanaIf I had a magic wand, I would wave away the very natural and usual resistance we have about healing from our childhood wounds. I know how aversion can diminish our life while making us feel steady. I also know the gifts we receive with each step we take. When we quit avoiding and update the information trapped in our experience, we are empowered.

I wish I was Cinderella’s  fairy godmother and could wave my wand so every adult could ride their own pumpkin carriage into their past, feeling confident they would be going to the glitter and joy of their authentic selves. With a little magic, they would know our childhood holds a wealth of information ready to empowers us. They would recognize our youth guarded our personal spirit until we were ready to express our inner world. They would realize our past has answers to behaviors we find confusing.

Cinderella’s reward for daring to imagine there was more came with the perfect fit of a glass slipper. It took her to a future of promise. We also have glass slippers waiting for us. We can find a future that feels like a perfect fit when we look into the past and bring new perspective to those moments that profoundly affected us. Like the time my mother bumped into a rolled down map while standing in line in her classroom. She could still hear the clatter of it falling mingled with the laughter of her classmates when I was in 6th grade. A single moment made her feel too paralyzed to be in front of a group of people for the rest of her life.

During our childhood, we accepted the inadvertent humiliations. We had no way of escaping abuses. We did the best we could as classmates, friends, and siblings triggered shame as they struggled to find their way. These moments often took us to beliefs about trust, self-esteem, and happiness still twisting our choices long after the event.

We are part of an ocean of energy where there is no dimension of time so what happened back then feels like it’s happening now. It’s never too late to walk barefoot on paths revealing our past experiences. It’s always the right time to explore empowering information to gain insights. Only then can we slip on our own glass slipper and dance through our days without blisters.

Jeanne McElvaney ~ Author and Energy Guide

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