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In the uncomfortable time of being in a reality shift, May had opened up to insights rather than seeking the comfort of her old thinking. She looked for inspiration and serendipity. Along the way, she read an anonymous quote that catapulted her forward.

Writing the message on lots of post-its, she stuck them everywhere! She liked being constantly reminded when she looked in her underwear drawer, inside the refrigerator, on her nightstand, next to her toothbrush, while passing the hall mirror. At first the timely quote, “Creativity leads us to our truth,” felt like oxygen after holding her breath through a long tunnel. Then it had started dismantling her beliefs. May didn’t resist.

Until now, her truth had always felt solid. It was an inner library filled with books about the rules of life. It contained her truth-books about everything: colors, food, bruises, shoes, snow. And there were more that covered personal spirit, relationships, emotions, and possibilities. Every aspect of life came with a book that laid out the truth.

May first became aware of the way these many truths were markers she used to measure her life. She saw how she felt compelled to be in line with those markers. But then, one night, as another full moon filled the star-filled, early morning sky, May sipped her coffee while a new truth took shape. She could edit the truth-books in her life-library. The very thought amazed her! A new sense of freedom brought a smile that was still there when the sun greeted her.

That morning, May began reviewing her truths about her budding passion.For her, collage was about breaking up the expected and rearranging it so she could see beyond the obvious. Her creativity wasn’t about making something for others to see. It was a personal journey to find her own truths. It was a meditation that invited questions and led to answers.

Our truths are reflections of our experience. Most often, they settle into the core of our being where they guide our responses and choices. When we’re ready to make a change in our life, they will argue for more of the same. And we will feel stuck, in a rut, or going in circles. That’s when it’s time to take an open, honest look at the truths of our past to see if they are making our world shine.

Follow May as she explores the practical, the magical,
and the energy insights for finding the shine in her life ~

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Jeanne McElvaney
Author of “Ignite Changes Using Energy”
Events Coordinator of Unwind+Explore