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In our every-day-lives, we often find ourselves walking a million miles around old beliefs that no longer serve us. Deeply embedded, they are so familiar we no longer recognize that we can question them. See them from a new perspective. Change them. They are so solid, it can be challenging to define them, unsettling to consider dismantling them. This happens even though a belief is hooked into current responses and choices that no longer serve us.

Like Grumpy, Bashful, and Sleepy, we have accepted labels connected to our beliefs and assume it’s who we are. Those around us share our belief and, without intention, anchor it. This familiar energy wraps around us giving us the comfort of a cocoon. But overtime, we become trapped, unable to move freely into change that can enrich our lives.

Fortunately, we are often given the gift of unexpected challenges. The upheaval forces us to recognize what we’ve avoided. It gives us a relationship magnifying glass, so we can see our circumstance more clearly. It invites us to step off our familiar path and dare to seek answers that no longer fit under the umbrella of our old belief.

If you’re feeling uprooted or tossed around by a storm in your life, it’s natural to dig in and get serious. Yet, this is the perfect time to play. It’s in this kind of energy field that you’ll experience insights that will dismantle the beliefs that are holding you in place.

Never doubt the power of play time… that kind of time when there’s no purpose, no clock is ticking, and you’re exploring your potential without needing to know the outcome. In these moments outside your usual routines, you are more open to the unknown. You’re more willing to move through portals holding possibilities.

Jeanne McElvaney ~ Author and Energy Guide

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