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Never doubt the power of pinochle-playing time. I have come to depend on it taking me to healing insights. I’m rarely disappointed.

During my healing journey, a partner once hit me with two excellent questions: ”What do we do when we know we have a big, deeply embedded, long-held issue, but can’t name it or define it? What is the first step?”

I quit counting meld. She continued picking up her cards. Our eyes met. The adventure had begun.

I am like everyone around me. I can walk a million miles around an old belief that no longer serves me but feels too solid to dismantle. This happens even though that belief is hooked into current responses and choices that no longer serve me.

My partner completed picking up her hand and sorted her cards. I walked a few more miles around her question. Then it occurred to me. There are two ways we can ‘see’ the issue:

We can continue doing the best we can while knowing we will be given the gift of frequent upheaval and challenges until we recognize what we’re avoiding.

Or we can step off our familiar path and dare to seek answers, knowing they lurk in the background of our days ready to guide us.

Both ask the same of us… to trust the insights that will celebrate our spirit.screenshot-at-2016-11-05-103726