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In the past, May would get wonderful insights about something that could make her world shine. They would make her feel enthusiastic all day long. She’d make plans and see possibilities as she moved into the hours ahead. And then the vision would start fading. Her everyday routines made it hard to keep hearing her inner wisdom.

But this time, May recognized the pattern that kept stopping her. She knew she couldn’t simply ride the wave of good feelings and land on the shores of something new. The currents of what was familiar would take her to more of the same. She fought the strong pull to load the dish washer and check her emails. Instead, May bundled up in her new snow boots, red mittens, and the rainbow-colored muffler her friend had given her. Inviting serendipity to walk with her, she headed into town.

Her usual route was transformed as May consciously looked for any messages serendipity might show her. She looked left instead of right and up instead of down. May saw beyond what was expected. She noticed a new sign in the window above the old store in the middle of town. The MAKER Space? May wondered what that was! And then, going against her usual inclination, she walked across the street and opened the door.

Giggling at the top of the long flight of stairs made her smile. There was nothing more encouraging than the feminine sound of companionship. Turning right on the second floor, May walked through the open door. She was met by three welcoming smiles and scissors busily cutting into magazines. Gathering her courage in a deep breath and smile, she walked through the door. What was cozy and comfortable for them was a daring hang glider kind of moment for her.

May was enthusiastically invited to explore the different classes being offered at The MAKER Space. She slowly moved around the tables lining the room where examples and descriptions were beautifully laid out. While the women continued turning pages and talking, May wandered… and wondered why she was here. She didn’t like taking classes.

Reminding herself she was letting serendipity, not comfort, guide her, May stayed present in the moment. She looked out the window overlooking the main street and focused on her intention to find the shine in her life. When she looked back at the tables holding possibilities, examples of collage caught her attention. Rich, deep colors. Textures. Everything imaginable embroidered on glittering fabric. It grabbed her imagination.

Serendipity feels so much different than a good idea. Time ceases to exist. The air seems lighter. Sound is muted. The edges of the moment glow. The connection fills our body and thought follows. Good ideas start with a thought. They push us to move forward as past experience, fears, needs, doubts, wishes, and shoulds hover. Serendipity doesn’t carry that weight. It responds to our personal spirit and life purpose. It’s soft and clear.

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