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Survivors of childhood sexual abuse are bound to bump into the howling, painful recognition of being alone in their experience. There was no protection… no soft, understanding place to go when they needed it the most.

In healing, this realization opens the door to many layers of feelings. There is tremendous value in walking into them so they can be processed rather than pushed away. This is our chance to see how our anger, frustration, pain, isolation, grief, and other emotions have spread into our current lives, affecting our relationships. It’s a pond to swim through to get to the other side where our past no longer defines our future.

Taking care that we are proactive in seeking answers and insights means we won’t end up floating in these feelings indefinitely. Working with a therapist, journaling, reading, EFT, and energy work are a few of the ways we can build rafts to navigate this deep pool of emotions. Each survivor finds their own way, knowing the quality of their life depends on it.

After I realized the six-year old inside me still needed what my parents didn’t give, I took a giant step forward in my healing journey. I became that inner child’s parent. Recognizing it wasn’t too late and I had the power to be everything that child within me needed to feel whole, loved, and empowered, I felt like I could build a solid boat to cross my pond of feelings. As I began taking care of my abused six-year old, I felt the waves of healing wash into every part of my adult life.

We are survivors. We are also the perfect, understanding, protective, caring parent our children-within need right now.