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Someone had done some beautiful collage. May could see the work had elements she’d never explored in her own work. She was trying to figure out how those steps were done when Carol started telling her about Serena’s collage class. May turned her attention to the lovely lady, but her beliefs instantly snapped into place: she could figure this out on her own… her creativity shut down with others watching… she didn’t have the money. May’s litany of what she knew about herself roared, and she leaned into the comfort.

Carol handed May a flyer, encouraging her to look at it to see if the class was a good fit. May accepted the lavender sheet of paper with a smile, a thank you, and no intention of reading it. She was like most of us: her resistance as natural as reaching into a bag of popcorn at a movie. And besides that, she had been just as daring as she thought she could be for one day. May turned to leave. Expressing her encouragement for their work with The MAKER Space and putting on her gloves, she dropped the flyer.

When our intention is strong and clear, when we feel deeply inspired like May did about finding the shine in her life, the nudges will keep coming. Picking up the flyer, the large, bold print at the top caught May’s attention: Surrender to Creativity.

Surrender. The word slipped past her resistance and began rubbing her restless need for change. In a flash of insight, May knew her resistance was a guard that kept her on the same path that would lead to more of the same. Surrender was a guide showing her other paths. Resistance was false power. Surrender called on her to trust empowering serendipity. Resistance kept life steady. Surrender invited new possibilities.

“How do I sign up for the collage class?” May asked.

And, in that moment, she had enough money. She imagined Serena offering her a new adventure. She wondered who she might meet in the class. May felt the tingle of an energy shift… a shift taking her to more shine in her life.

Next time: She discovers another way to empower herself