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Find the Rich

I’d love to imagine you reading this quote with your heart swelling. Exploring what makes your life feel abundant will nurture your personal spirit, creativity, and connections. It’s a worthy teddy-bear-kind-of-journey that embraces everyone around you. Now the question might be… is this just what you need right now or would it be a special gift for someone you know? (JeanneQuotes on Etsy ~ This pieces comes as Canvas Art or Print-at-Home or Text Cards)

Manifesting Dreams

Dreams are manifested one step at a time.
So very often, our heartfelt desires fade into the shadows of our days. They feel impractical, too much, or more than we deserve. This quote about manifesting can help you remember that anything you do that is connected to your dream will make your life glow a bit brighter. Your dream doesn’t have to reality for it to feed your soul. The cat carrying everything she needs to reach her goal is a reminder that you get to walk in softness as you take each step. JeanneQuotes on Etsy

Celebrate Your Spirit

Your personal spirit nurtures and guides your authentic self. It’s the part of you that knows your life purpose and is connected to your inner wisdom. This quote about spirit reflects the way your spirit encourages you to be carefree, whimsical, and safe. It might be a reminder you want hanging on your wall. It could be a delicious gift for someone in your life. JeanneQuotes on Etsy