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Your Truth

No truth is more valid than your own. When you’re ready to let your personal truth guide you, your choices start celebrating your personal spirit. Your life changes! I like to think the fairy with this quote, is bathing in the light of her own truth. (JeanneQuotes on Etsy)


There’s a glow that happens in a moment of kindness. It’s a light that seeps into your soul and reminds you how precious life can feel. With this quote about kindness, dragonflies call our attention to the meaning of life. Cats are connected to spiritual enlightenment. If you’ve experienced kindness that changed your path, this would be the perfect gift of appreciation. (Canvas Art or Print-at-Home or Text Cards are available at JeanneQuotes on Etsy)


If you’re like me, you grew up learning some emotions were good and others were not. This mixed media piece encourages you to recognize that every emotion is an ally for living an authentic life. They arrive asking you to make choices that will serve you. This quote about emotions can be a special gift for someone facing a bumpy path or it can be your reminder.

Dare to Want More

Dare to want more ~
Wanting more can be so riddled with guilt and doubt, but it’s the foundation of shaping the future of your dreams. This paper collage is sprinkled with silver glitter, and I love the feeling of the girl soaring with the moon as though it was a balloon. I had to include my personal spirit guide, the wolf. The wolf is a supernatural force that reminds us to trust our hearts and instincts. If you are at a time in your journey when it’s time to grow, this piece can be your ally. JeanneQuotes on Etsy