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Finding Answers

It takes a certain kind of courage to trust you are having the experiences you need to honor your spirit. Sometimes, looking back can confirm how this has worked for you. Other times, relaxing into what’s not yet known will take you to what you’re craving to know. (JeanneQuotes on Etsy ~ canvas art or print-at-home or text card)

Manifesting Dreams

Dreams are manifested one step at a time.
So very often, our heartfelt desires fade into the shadows of our days. They feel impractical, too much, or more than we deserve. This quote about manifesting can help you remember that anything you do that is connected to your dream will make your life glow a bit brighter. Your dream doesn’t have to reality for it to feed your soul. The cat carrying everything she needs to reach her goal is a reminder that you get to walk in softness as you take each step. JeanneQuotes on Etsy

Dare to Want More

Dare to want more ~
Wanting more can be so riddled with guilt and doubt, but it’s the foundation of shaping the future of your dreams. This paper collage is sprinkled with silver glitter, and I love the feeling of the girl soaring with the moon as though it was a balloon. I had to include my personal spirit guide, the wolf. The wolf is a supernatural force that reminds us to trust our hearts and instincts. If you are at a time in your journey when it’s time to grow, this piece can be your ally. JeanneQuotes on Etsy