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Personal Spirit Geralt

In the undercurrents of our childhood, we were learning how to manage life. Using the tunnel vision of youth and feeling disempowered, we shaped our thoughts, feelings and beliefs. We determined how we fit in the world.

Defined by the people around us, we watched their moods to gauge our reactions. Their feelings became our guide. We turned ourselves inside-out trying to fit in the adult world, accepting their attitudes and lifestyles as our own. Needing to be loved, we learned what love meant by their response to us.

We did the best we could in the whirlwind of childhood by becoming experts about the people around us. We didn’t know our connection to our personal spirit was often a casualty.

For me, personal spirit is the empowering connection between our inner wisdom and the energy field. It’s the compass for our undiluted self. Personal spirit is our best friend with access to everything in the past, present, and future. It knows our purpose and celebrates our journey. It is always for us.

Our personal spirit was there during our childhood. It made it possible for us to live, learn, love, and laugh. But as we turned the force of our attention on the people influencing us through those years, our chance to hear the guiding messages or feel the gentle nudges of our personal spirit were greatly diminished.

While it’s very natural to continue following the familiar path of what we learned growing up, we also have the challenging opportunity to wander off in new directions, seeking paths that celebrate our personal spirit.

We get to seek the people who best support our unfolding journey. We can map a future that is different than what we learned even when we don’t know our final destination. We’re empowered when we explore new possibilities and use our voice to share our truth.

As we let our personal spirit guide our choices, we become more connected to our amazing, wonderful, and unique self. Learning to turn to our self for information, we begin shaping a future that celebrates us. We connect to a wisdom that leads us the perfect book, song, movie, moment, person, and insight.

We become intimate with the greatest power we possess: the right to choose what feels best for us in any moment… without needing excuses or excellent reasons. Within the dynamics of our many relationships, we travel through life with our best friend.

Jeanne McElvaney ~ Amazon Author / Energy Guide

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