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To sail into unknown possibilities and seek the amazing, there were explorers who had to imagine more than what they had learned. They had to believe the world wasn’t flat. That they wouldn’t fall off the edge if they navigated beyond what was familiar.

We are at such a time again. We’ve learned that time is linear. That each day is like a railroad tie, our lives chugging along a track that takes us into our future with a non-return ticket. But Quantum Thinking challenges this perspective. It declares there is no dimension of time. That we, in our infinite desire to manage our lives, have created the concept of moving along the track of life.

I know there is no dimension of time, but I’m like you… I feel more solid and secure when I have parameters in my life. It’s just that, I no longer see my experience running like a track across the expanse of my journey. I see myself traveling in a circle. And I get to travel the circumference many times over, getting better and better at finding my way.

Circles speak of timelessness. I get to embrace ageless health and well-being. In the circle I’m traveling, it’s never too late to begin or too soon to stop. There’s no pressure to experience life’s opportunities at any particular moment in my journey. I’m aware that each unfolding is coming at the perfect place in this arc without a beginning or end.

Cycles are reflected in circles. And I’m comforted knowing that the challenges I face now are part of my cycle, not who I am. In the cycles, I am learning, stretching, growing as the circle of life keeps taking me back to opportunities to express my potential.

The circle reminds me that all the information I need is available at all times, held within the flowing boundary. Nothing gets lost or caught in the uncomfortable corners of life. It’s all there, swimming freely within the circle I’m traveling as I seek my best self within the rhythm of the universe.

Quantum Thinking confirms we are creating our reality. I find that journey feels more encompassing and encouraging when I see my life moving along the gentle, feminine curve of a circle.

Jeanne McElvaney
Amazon Author / “Ignite Changes Using Energy”