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May’s collage had become a guiding light for her. It determined how she spent her time. Instead of watching a movie, she was more inclined to search the internet for inspiration or information about her art. Rather than cleaning the bathroom, she would go to her desk and add another layer to her existing project. She had fallen in love.

The shine in our lives is a reflection of love. When things feel dull or routine, it’s a sure sign we are afraid to be in love with the very thing that is calling us. Our passion won’t fit easily into our life when we take the first steps because it wants our time and attention. It doesn’t accept compromise. It calls on us to make new choices. Like falling in love with our soul mate, it pulls us away from the anchors in our life and asks us to soar.

As we fall in love with our passion, it can interrupt routines and relationships that define our days. May had less time for coffee with her friends. She cooked less and ate out more often. For the first time ever, she turned in her library book late!

But, when she stayed steady, when she let her love for collage blossom, the other parts of her life settled into a new routine that was comfortable and satisfying. May learned that love comes in many colors, each one equally wonderful. The love for her dog, husband, kids, friends, and family fed her spirit. The love she was experiencing with her passion was equally valuable. It flowed back to the people in her life bringing more joy and new conversations. It expanded their world as well as hers.

Like all of us, May didn’t know where her new adventure would lead. Our passion can’t have a destination because it’s the exploration of possibilities that has grabbed our curiosity and imagination. We can’t define where our journey will take us, but we can know that it is guiding us toward having more shine in our life.

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Jeanne McElvaney
Author of “Ignite Changes Using Energy”
Events Coordinator of Unwind+Explore