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Beyond Practical Websites Marcelo6366I’m often asked, “So do I focus really hard on what I want?” The answer is, “No, it’s a lot more fun than that.”

When you’re making changes using energy, it’s time to play with your thoughts, feelings, and beliefs.

Fly beyond what you believe is possible. Letting your imagination soar pokes holes in current beliefs. Every time we attempt to create a shift in our lives, we tend to use old information and limiting assumptions.

Float in currents of happy feelings. Consciously choosing to fill our bodies with optimism, anticipation, excitement, and enthusiasm will attract that kind of energy around what we want. It pumps our desire like filling the tire of our bike so we can ride into new territory.

Let new thoughts guide you. Any fresh ideas, inspirations, or musings is like lumber used to build a new home for your desire. Start using different words to describe what you want. Compare your desire to other delightful things you’ve experienced or witnessed.

Shifts happen when you nudge your feelings, thoughts, and beliefs in new directions. That’s the challenge. That’s the fun.

Jeanne McElvaney, Author/Energy Healer

From “Ignite Changes Using Energy”