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Mind~Body~Spirit. We keep learning there is no separation. I think my body is the home of my spirit.

My personal spirit moves freely, interacts, explores, but it comes ‘home’ often. In quiet moments. In self-aware moments. When I’m troubled. When I’m tapping into my personal power. In the same way my physical body comes home after being among others, my spirit seeks the home of my body.

During my morning walks, I often think about the ways we take care of these two home… and how our childhood abuse has affected that care. There isn’t any best choices! But there is value in thinking about the choices we’re making, so we can live consciously in the house of our physical body and home of our spirit.

Some of us focus great attention on our physical body, but find we’re not inclined to give that same attention to our house. We dedicate time to stay in shape, but ignore needed repairs as our house needs attention. We spend time and money dressing our body, but aren’t driven to renovate or decorate our house. We make appointments to monitor our health, but don’t take the same care with our house maintenance.

Some of us focus on our houses, but don’t have the same relationship with out bodies. We are committed to keeping our home neat and tidy, but aren’t excited about grooming. We take care with what we bring into our house so we don’t contaminate it, but eat whatever tastes good without paying attention to how it affects our body. We notice any deterioration of our house, but aren’t aware of the changes in our body.

We live in two homes… our house and our body. We’ve experienced the jolt of good-feeling when we buy something new to wear. The same is true when a new coat of paint transforms a room. Time will slowly weaken the frame work of our house. The same is true for the core muscles that hold us erect.

What an amazing collection of choices we have for both homes of our mind~body~spirit. Becoming conscious of what we bring to them is empowering. Finding the balance celebrates our well-being.

Jeanne McElvaney
Energy Healer

Energy Healer