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When we are ready to make a change in our life, words begin flowing through our thoughts. Very often, they are something like…

It’ll be hard, but I can do it.”
“This is going to mean less family-time.”
“Feels kind of selfish.”
“Every time I try something new, something stops me.”

The words we associate with change come with strong feelings. They are rooted in old beliefs and create an energy pattern that becomes the foundation for our change. We’re daunted before we take the first step.

Quantum Thinking reminds us we get to choose new words to build the foundation of change we want… and doing that will transform our experience.

If there’s something you want to shift in your life, look at the list below and pick two words that most resonate for you. Now place them at the end of this sentence: “This change is going to be… “.

For example, “This change is going to be bold and magnetic.”

If you keep these words in your thoughts and use them as a guide for making choices, your shift will follow a different path. You’ll notice bold things happening with ease and joy. You’ll find empowering events, people, and experiences magnetically drawn into the change you are making.

Words are powerful energy! They can be your ally. The more often you consciously connect to the two words you choose, the more you will experience their magic. Sing them. Write them on post-it’s that are placed in unexpected places like inside a drawer. Silently speak them as you stretch. Talk to them as you walk or drive.

When words from the past catch your attention, choose to focus on your two new words. Make these the strong foundation of a change that will be bold and magnetic!

Which two words make your heart sing and your spirit soar?

Abundant Adventurous Active Amazing Artistic Astounding Astonishing Authentic Avid Aware Awesome Balanced Beautiful Bewitching Blissful Blazing Blossoming Bold Breathtaking Brave Bright Calm Captivating Centered Cherished Compelling Colorful Cosmic Daring Decisive Delicious Electric Effortless Enlightening Epic Exciting Exhilarating Expansive Expressive Fabulous Fascinating Fiery Flying Flexible Forceful Fulfilling Fun Gentle Glorious Golden Groovy Gutsy Harmonious Illuminated Imaginative Infinite Inspiring Interwoven Intrepid Jazzy Joyous Juicy Kinetic Lionhearted Lively Lucid Luscious Magical Magnetic Masterful Musical Natural Noble Nourishing Open Organized Original Overflowing Peaceful Playful Plentiful Prolific Profound Psychic Radiant Refreshed Resourceful Sassy Sensational Serene Soaring Solid Spiritual Strong Successful Sweet Surprising Talented Tender Thrilling Timeless Tickled Valiant Vibrant Victorious Vocal Whimsical Wild