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I’m inclined to look for the grand gesture, the leap, or the howl from the mountain top. Yet manifesting dreams more often happens with little steps. Remembering one, small thing that defines my heart’s desire and letting it become a priority today will connect me to my deep desire.

Our sweet, beautiful possibilities are never found on the freeway of life. They are in the gentle curves and sweeping screenshot-at-2016-11-05-104406views of the side roads. It is here, as I dared to venture into the unmapped territory of my potential that I got lost.

For three days I walked the bumpy, steep incline of friend’s personal journey and, when I looked up, I had lost sight of my own path. It happens. With everyone’s good intentions, there are those moments when we lose track of our own direction because another person’s dream seems more attainable. It’s much more challenging to stay true to what calls our spirit and is swirling with the energy of our fears.

So today, I don’t need to stomp back in anger or frustration. I don’t even need to retrace my steps by reviewing the circumstance that got me here. I only need to spend one strong moment, clearly doing what is all about me, and I will find myself back on track.

In the PlaceOfNoTime where dreams are manifested, it takes one sincere action to feel myself moving forward, connected to my potential. I’m going to use today to make that happen.