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Our emotions are more present and fully engaged around the missing pieces of our life puzzle because they are familiar. We have carried these missing pieces in our pockets and conscious thoughts for many spirit miles. We know their shape and color. We’re aware of their solid presence, while our dreams, desires, and wants float like clouds. Without the hard, sure edges of what is familiar, we don’t have a constant awareness and strong connection to our desires. What is missing is more real to us than what we want; it has our attention.

In any moment, we can look at a circumstance, relationship, or feeling and see what is missing or… what is there for us. At first glance, it would seem an obvious choice, but therein lays the beautiful mystery of manifesting. To grow our life, we must first identify a need by observing what is missing or not feeling good.

Seeing the glass half empty is a necessary step. The challenge is being able to take note, but not attach to the lacking. How do we focus on the glass half full while keenly aware it is not filled as much we want? We can turn to the energy of appreciation. The very act of choosing to use a thankful viewpoint rather than thoughts of deficiencies, changes the outcome.

Recognizing the relationship between appreciation, our desires, and our discomforts ignites change. Discomforts are road signs… to point us in another direction. Our desires are the destination. Appreciation is an energy that will pull the good things into our days. Each is necessary, and we are empowered when we remember our discomforts will grab our thoughts and feelings more easily than our desires and appreciation. Then we can choose what to nurture and what to release as we shape my life journey.allen-henderson